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Eye Level Digital Scale
with Adapter

Scale has the ability to interface with a computer, EMR software or other electronic device via various Health o meter® Professional Connectivity Solutions.

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A recent study on the global Medical Patient Scales market found that Health o meter® Professional Scales is the leading manufacturer in the US and Latin America as measured in annual sales market share. The report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., collected intelligence on the global Medical Patient Scales market.
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I've had this scale for years and it works like a champ. I've had to replace the battery once, but other than that, no problems. I like the fact it holds two weights in the memory. This way I can view my weight in the morning as well as the evening. It really helps me keep on track.


Mesa, AZ

A healthy lifestyle is dedication
don’t be mislead by inaccurate results.
The scale has been an indispensable part of my overall health plan. Not only does it accurately keep track of weight but it tells you where that weight is; muscle, water or fat. Set up is easy and using the scale could not be easier just step on and read the informational feedback. Losing weight can have many frustrations, an inaccurate scale is one of them. This scale eliminates that with graduations in .2 pounds. Progress is progress and even losing that .2 pounds can help keep you motivated.


Auburn, GA

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Great Motivational Instrument. I could never be sure if the two pounds I lost during a week were a product of fat loss or simply because I was retaining less water at the moment. Or, conversely, when I started resistance training in the gym, I could never be sure if the slight weight gains I would see were due to muscle gain or fat gain.

Switching from my old, traditional scale to the Health O Meter eliminated the guess work and really helped keep me motivated and on track.

Ken & Diane

Clearwater, FL